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Power Your Home With Solar

At Freenergy we design and install solar power solutions for any residential building in the greater Hawke’s Bay area.

Our residential solutions are tailored to your situation and needs – including how many people live in the house, how much power you use and when you use it.

We provide both solar grid tie and battery storage systems.

  • With grid tie systems your excess power is sold back to the grid for credits from your electricity provider.

  • With battery systems your excess power is stored for you to use overnight or during a power outage. When your battery is full any excess power is sold back to the grid for credits.

What to Expect

A Freenergy professional sales technician will carry out a site visit and assessment to determine the best solution for you, based on your energy demand and usage patterns.

Our quotes are comprehensive and include all installation and compliance costs.

Our qualified and experienced Freenergy installers use modern, slimline panels and certified mounting systems to help protect the integrity of your roof.

Because we take care of the process from start to finish, you’re guaranteed a cost-effective, quality solution and service throughout.

Costs and Savings

Our residential grid-tie solar solutions start from under $10,000, and typically take 7 to 9 years to pay for themselves, meaning any power you generate after that point is effectively free. We can future-proof your grid-tie system so a battery can be added at a later date.

Our residential solar solutions plus battery costs from $30,000 - depending on your requirements. They usually pay for themselves within 9 to 12 years.

What Our Customers Say

Dave McLeod, Omaranui Rd:  Dave installed 5.2kw of grid tie solar power on his family home in Omaranui Road.  The solar powers the house and any excess is used to charge his electric car.   With the combined savings from power and petrol bills, Dave’s estimated the system will pay for itself in three years.

Every home is different and every household has differing needs.

We understand all the implications and by talking with you and asking the right questions, we can provide the best solution for your needs.

Check out what Dave had to say in the short video below.  Read more reviews here.

Ask us about solar solutions that support “smart home” features such as EV charging and load control to minimise your water heating costs.