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Freenergy Solar Solutions is a Hawke’s Bay local.  We provide an independent specialist service in all things solar. Our customers - Hawke’s Bay home and business owners - benefit from our experience and commitment to providing high quality and cost effective solar energy solutions.

Our values are simple and we stand by them:

  • We listen to our customers and offer them the best system design to meet their needs.
  • We treat our customers and their homes with respect.
  • We supply high quality products and always stand behind our work.
  • Our installations are always professionally completed to a high standard. 


Freenergy is owned by Aaron Duncan. In 2007, returning to NZ after an extended OE, Aaron realised he was ready for a change. Disillusioned with the corporate world focus on profit above people and the environment.

Exploring alternatives, Aaron saw the solar industry, still in its infancy, was forward-looking and exciting. Aaron quit the oil and gas industry after 10 years as a ROV pilot technician (remotely operated vehicle). Aaron upskilled more from his trade background and skills in mechanical engineering, electronics, hydraulics and system design and Freenergy was the result.

Over the past decade, Freenergy has worked with all manner of Hawke’s Bay solar applications. Solar is our sole focus, we’re not doing it on the side. We have proven technical skills and can handle the most complex jobs but simple ones get our full attention too. Let us prove it, get in touch for a complimentary quote.



Founder and General Manager
Talking to clients to assess their needs, optimising solutions, quoting, new product assessment and quality control.


Installation Manager
Electrician and installation technician, Eugene immigrated from South Africa with extensive experience in the solar industry and is in charge of our installation teams and keeping on top of new products in the industry.


Office Manager
Keeps the place running like clockwork and makes sure the guys are kept busy. Greer will be your first point of contact if you phone the office.


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We are in the solar industry because we 100 percent believe action must be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions if we have any hope of meeting the Paris Climate Agreement goal of limiting global climate change to less than 2ºC above pre-industrial levels.

If we don’t meet this goal, life on our planet will dramatically change.  We are already seeing an unprecedented level of extreme weather events, rising sea levels affecting our Pacific neighbours, species extinction, and biodiversity loss.

New Zealand’s net emissions have been steadily increasing since 1990.  In 2014, we emitted 54 percent more greenhouse gas than we did in 1990.   While we generate 80 percent of our electricity from renewable sources, we think New Zealand should be powered 100 percent by renewable energy.

Solar power systems offer an alternative and clean form of power with no harmful carbon emissions. The energy source of solar power is the sun, which is 100 percent renewable. Solar panels have minimal impact on wildlife, whereas hydroelectricity and damming, can have serious impacts on the biodiversity of the chosen area.

As a business and as individuals we are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint as much as possible.  We generate our own power, recycle what we can, measure our fuel usage, support our local community, and generally try to do our bit to be as sustainable as we can.  Our next step will be to verify and offset our emissions… so watch this space.


Freenergy was proud to receive two awards at the 2016 Sustainable Energy Association Industry Awards. Being recognised by our industry peers is the highest form of recognition. We received an award for the Best Small Business in the PV and Battery Market for our quality implementations, strong processes, and customer satisfaction.

Aaron was awarded the Industry Person of the Year accolade.