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Power Your Business With Solar

We design and install solar power solutions for a range of commercial buildings in Hawke’s Bay, including offices, industrial buildings, farm and agriculture buildings, and schools.

Solar is an ideal energy solution for commercial premises, as your power usage typically coincides with your generation - during daylight hours. This means you’ll get maximum use of the of the energy you generate – cutting your power costs.

We provide both solar grid tie and battery storage systems.

  • With grid tie systems your excess power is sold back to the grid for credits from your electricity provider.

  • With battery systems your excess power is stored for you to use overnight or during a power outage. When your battery is full any excess power is sold back to the grid for credits.

What to Expect

A Freenergy professional sales technician will carry out a site visit and assessment to determine the best solution for you, based on your energy demand and usage patterns.

All quotes are comprehensive and include all installation and compliance costs.

Our qualified and experienced Freenergy installers use modern, slimline panels and certified mounting systems to help protect the integrity of your roof.

Because we take care of the process from start to finish, you’re guaranteed a cost-effective, quality solution and service throughout.

Costs and Savings

Commercial installs can realise a return on investment as low as 4.5 years (dependent on energy cost and consumption patterns).

All solar proposals include a comprehensive savings model based on your supplied energy data.

Hear from Our Customers

Most businesses consume the majority of their electricity needs in the daytime, which makes solar power the ideal energy option. In addition to helping your bottom line with power savings, there’s also the depreciation aspect to consider.  Some of our business customers share their benefits here. Read more about the benefits Ramage Sheetmetals Ltd and VetsOne have found from their solar installations below.

Daniel Lincoln, General Manager, Ramage Sheetmetals Ltd.  Ramage Sheetmetals is a leading engineering workshop in Napier, operating a number of Laser & CNC machines. We worked with the General Manager, Daniel to provide the best solution for their demand.

Here is what Daniel said about working with our team: "Freenergy Solar Solutions installed 112 panels (33.6kW) of solar onto our Napier workshop. The technical design, performance modelling, installation and after sales service have been excellent and we are exceeding our calculated Return on Investment of 5 years. As a significant user of electricity during the daytime it makes financial and environmental sense. Our only complaint is we have no more roof to add more panels.

VetsOne is a long-established business in Hastings. Their recent expansion into a purpose remodelled building provided the perfect roof for solar. We worked with them to predict their energy demand and delivered a system to support their needs, check out a great video of their solar system.

Financing Options

Pay on installation - as a capital expense you can take advantage of the associated tax and depreciation benefits.

Lease to own / power purchase agreement - as an operational expense you pay for your system with the energy you save.

Finance through your lender - major banks offer incentives on commercial sustainability packages.

Talk to us about your financing options today.

Don’t Own the Building You Work From?

No problem. Talk to our team about landlord contracts - we can find a solution that benefits both landlords and tenants.