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We strive to provide excellent service and great solar solutions whatever our customers’ needs.  But don’t take our word for it, read and hear what some of our customers say about working with Freenergy to switch to solar.  We’re happy to give you more names so you can talk to them yourself if you wish.

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Residential Solar Power Testimonials

Joanne Speedy, Te Awanga:  Jo installed a 3.12kW grid tie solar power system with an Immersun hot water controller to maximise her energy self-consumption in her home in Te Awanga. She lives on her own and is over the moon with her system and the service she received from Freenergy. Her text to Aaron says it all... “I have had no power bills for 4 months. Have just received my 1st - $21!!! Wow. Thrilled. Thank you for a great job."

Dave McLeod, Omaranui Rd, Napier:  Dave installed 5.2kw of grid tie solar power on his family home in Omaranui Road. The solar powers the house and any excess is used to charge his Nissan Leaf electric car.  With the combined savings from power and petrol bills, Dave’s estimated the system will pay for itself in three years.

Paul Sheeran, Hastings:  Paul is the project manager for a number of Papakianga Maori housing developments around Hawke’s Bay including projects at Waiohiki, Waimarama, and Hastings.  We’ve installed small grid tie power systems of 1.5-2.5 kW on five houses in Bennett Road.  Minimising the ongoing running costs of these homes and sustainability is a key consideration in these developments. 

Graeme Davidson, Havelock North:   We were thorough in researching whether PV solar power would be to our financial advantage and what was the best system for us.  The results are better than we expected. Freenergy gave us a highly professional install, keeping us well-informed about the procedures.  They worked with suppliers, lines and power companies to give us a turnkey operation.  We installed a 5kw system, and the amount of power we’re generating for ourselves and the money we’re making from what we’re exporting back to the power company indicate our power bill this year should be virtually zero - around 11% return on investment.

Ian Mayne, Napier Hill:  I am pleased to let you know how well the solar panels are working on our house.  My interest was in how much return I could get back on my investment not in how long it would take to repay the cost of installing solar panels. Conservatively I calculate that I am earning 7 – 8% net in my hand from putting solar panels on our roof. Compare this with a 4% (3.3% net) return from money in the bank.Dealing with you to get the installation done was far easier than any of the others who provided quotes. Whilst not the cheapest price, your service was the most professional from actually measuring our roof and giving us two options on what system we could use. From there we had no problems as you dealt with all the issues from getting approval, installing the system on our roof and connecting to the grid.  Seeing the system generating close to 5 kw of power on a bright sunny day is exciting and even on a rainy day we can generate over a kilowatt of power.We are extremely happy with our decision to purchase a 5kw solar system from Freenergy.

Merryn Jones, Haumoana:  Thanks Freenergy for our wonderful new solar package. Aaron met with us and carefully ascertained what it was we were wanting the solar system to do. He then gave us a comprehensive quote with no hidden costs, gave us a timeframe, and ensured that he communicated with us every step of the way.  He also provided information about the Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan scheme for paying it off over 10 years.  As we have a Kiwibank mortgage, this made good sense. The grid tie system with inverter was up quickly and efficiently, and it has been the best decision we have made with regards to our future.

Clive Bartup, Hastings:  We are very pleased with our grid tie solar power system, supplied and installed by Freenergy.  The installation was to a very high standard, and the results are fantastic.  After having it for over a full year now we have exported twice as much electricity as we have consumed, giving us a nil power bill over the last year.  The system has exceeded our expectation.

Karen McLean, Napier:  Hi Aaron – I thought you might like to see my latest power bill... I am one very happy customer.  I’ve used the dryer all winter (three loads a week).  I use electricity for water, cooking and heating (heat pump, fan heaters etc) and I also run the dishwasher.  I’m paying for less grid power in August and September than I was in December and January before I got solar from you.  It is amazing that this winter is cheaper than last summer!  My monthly bill has gone from around $250 - $300 in the winter to $100 - $150 so a significant saving.  As above, I’m more than happy for you to show this to people as a real example of the difference solar has made to my bill.

Howard Gorton, Peka Peka:  I had a grid tie solar power system installed in my home in November 2013 by Freenergy Solar Solutions and Aaron Duncan.  Since that installation there has been a precipitous fall in my electricity consumption, I am saving hundreds of dollars a month.  For example, last summer I was paying $600 a month for electricity and I am now paying less than $300 a month.  The solar panels were installed quickly, on time, and have not detracted from the appearance of the house.   The quality of workmanship is first class and I highly recommend Aaron and his team.

Xan Harding, Maraekakaho:  Xan installed a 10kW grid tie solar power system, with a three phase Fronius inverter on the shed in his vineyard.  The power generated supports pumps and irrigation needs in summer and any excess is sent back to the grid.  In Xan’s words “solar was a no brainer”.

Daniel Lincoln, General Manager, Ramage Sheetmetals Ltd.  Ramage Sheetmetals is a leading engineering workshop in Napier, operating a number of Laser & CNC machines. We worked with the General Manager, Daniel to provide the best solution for their demand.

Here is what Daniel said about working with our team: "Freenergy Solar Solutions installed 112 panels (33.6kW) of solar onto our Napier workshop. The technical design, performance modelling, installation and after sales service have been excellent and we are exceeding our calculated Return on Investment of 5 years. As a significant user of electricity during the daytime it makes financial and environmental sense. Our only complaint is we have no more roof to add more panels.

VetsOne is a long-established business in Hastings. Their recent expansion into a purpose remodelled building provided the perfect roof for solar. We worked with them to predict their energy demand and delivered a system to support their needs, check out a great video of their solar system.

Education Settings Solar Testimonials

Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngati Kahungunu Ki Heretaunga is a full immersion Maori School in Hastings. We worked with them to maximise their project budget and delivered a system we can easily expand in the future. The real time system performance monitoring will assist the students with sustainable energy education.

Napier Intermediate:  We worked with Napier Intermediate and their students to design and install a 22 kW grid tie solar power system. We worked to a strict budget and the system delivers 32 percent of the school’s annual energy needs. In the last 12 months we saved $6000 in power bills and eliminated 20 tons of CO2 emissions. 

We continue to engage with the students and help them understand renewable energy. Find out more about going solar at your school.

Water Heating Testimonials

Ian Cairns, Jervoistown:  We are very pleased with the solar water heating system that Freenergy installed in our new home.  There is good solar gain in water temperature even on these low sunshine days and in the last few weeks we have not had to switch the electric element on, apart from a quick boost after a run of cloudy days.  Freenergy has been excellent through the installation process and follow up support.  Thanks Aaron.

Neil Taylor, Eskdale:  We had a challenge when building our new home with how to set up the water heating.  We have a long house with one cylinder at either end of the house.  After speaking to various suppliers, Aaron from Freenergy designed and installed a solar system to suit our home and our expectations.  The split system with one solar array to heat both cylinders was not straight forward. Freenergy sourced and installed the necessary equipment and installed the system in a timely and professional manner.After 5 years, we have not had a power bill over $130 on our large home with two hot water cylinders.  We are very happy with the system and service provided by Freenergy.

Solar Pool Heating Testimonials

Keith Price, Napier:   Just a note about the solar heating you have installed on our swimming pool.  Today 28th October (yes October!) our pool was 31 degrees and even last month we were swimming.  Over October the pool has averaged 26 degrees which is a great temp to swim at.  I only let it get to 31 as I wanted to see how hot it got for this time of the year.We’ve found we’ve probably got 6 weeks extra spring swimming with the solar heating you have installed. You are a man of your word, in fact it is warmer than you said it would get. I would also like to commend you on your workmanship and the professional manner you dealt with this installation.   Well done and thank you.  I’m happy to talk with anyone contemplating the installation of your pool solar heating system.  Thanks again.

Ross Duncan, Pakowhai:  We’ve had a 50m2 inground pool for 22 years and enjoyed it every year.  The Freenergy team installed a solar heating system and a pool cover in November 2009 and we were amazed to see the temperature increase 9 degrees within two days.  We no longer have a quick dip at the end of the day to freshen up but spend hours in the comfortable water most days playing with our grandkids.  Our grandkids water confidence has increased incredibly in a short time because they are not shivering within ten minutes.  The solar maintains the pool above 26 degree up to our maximum setting at 29 deg.  Our only regret is that we didn’t do it years ago.

Kristyn Bone, Maraeakakaho:  After initially being slightly sceptical about how effectively a solar system would heat our very chilly pool, we are extremely pleased with the impressive temperature rise!  We have been enjoying swims in balmy 30 degree water and have been swimming nearly two months earlier than we would normally be swimming.The installation and service from Aaron at Freenergy has been faultless.  We would highly recommend this company and their product to anyone.

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